Amish Soap! Finally you can order it here!

Amish Soap!

Yes, it’s finally here!  You can enjoy the Amish soap many people have been searching for!  This has moisturizing and salty skin softening properties AND an antibacterial agent found in Cetaphil and other soaps “Triclocarban”.  Many friends and other web bloggers  have found this Amish soap to be great for some skin problems and allergies and it’s gotten rave reviews.  Others have looked for this soap everywhere, only exhausted because they haven’t been able to find it.  But, here it is!  I have a limited quantity of 6 bars, 42 ounce bags! You can order 1 bag to 4 bags per order at $18.99 each bag (an amazing low price considering it’s about $3 per bar of 7 ounce soap!!).  Shipping is $12.36 for 1, 2, 3 or 4 bags shipped to the same place at the same time.  If anyone knows a cheaper way to ship, please let me know!  United states shipping at this price only!  You can purchase through Paypal via Visa, Master card, Discover.  Let me know by leaving a comment!


I’ve looked for this soap to no avail until one day I stumbled upon a limited quantity and saw how many web surfers were looking for this also so decided to get all I could and get it out to you!  I have many people ask for more and stock up because it’s all I’ve got and they know it works for their skin problems they have.  Please feel free to get as many as you like.  At this price (other soaps are so much more expensive) you can get all you need!

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